The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with the responsibility for the protection of individuals participating as human subjects for research.

Voting Members

Name Title Association
Bryan Byers PhD Chairperson, Criminal Justice and Criminology
Ione DeOllos PhD Vice Chair, Sociology
Ashley Sodaat BA Child Representative, CASA
Mitch Cassell BA

Prisoner Representative, Executive Director of the Delaware County Jail

Grace Yoder MA Student Representative, Counseling Psychology
Jocelyn Bolin PhD Member, Educational Psychology
David Call PhD Member, Geography
Clark Dicken PhD Member, PE Sports and Exercise Science
Chris Mangelli JD Member, Director of the Office of Research Integrity
Linda Siktberg PhD Member, Nursing
Carolyn Shue PhD Member, Communications Studies
Michael Tagler PhD Member, Psychological Sciences
Judi Harris Community Representative, Marketing Director at Westminster Village



 Member Title   Department
 Stephanie Simon-Dack  PhD  Psychological Science
 Jonathan Intravia  PhD  Criminal Justice and Criminology
 Elizabeth Johnson  PhD  Nursing
 Richard Petts  PhD  Sociology
 Dorice Hankemeier  PhD  PE Sport and Exercise Science
 Janay Sander  PhD  Educational Psychology
 John Mulcahy, Jr.
 BA  Associate Director of Research Integrity


Office of Research Integrity

Member  Title   Department
 Christopher Mangelli  JD  Director of Research Integrity
 John Mulcahy, Jr.  BA  Associate Director of Research Integrity
 Jennifer Weaver   BS  Responsible Conduct of Research Program Manager
 Sandra Currie    Administrator
 Ryan Angel  BS  Graduate Assistant
 Devan Vaughn  BS  Graduate Assistant



Member  Title   Department
 Alfreda Bright  BA  IRB Administrator, IU Health