1.  Use your username and password to sign in to IRBNet.

2.   Select the project you want to modify.

3.  Click on “Project History,” located on the left side of the page.

4.  Click on “Create New Package” button located on this page.

5.  Click on “New Document Package.”

6.  You are now on the Designer page to upload all necessary documents to submit a modification.


For Modifications You Need To Upload the Following Documents

a.  Modification Request Form

b.  Any relevant project documents you need to modify, these could include:

Informed consent documents, parental permission forms, surveys, recruitment letters or e-mails, introductory scripts, be sure to include anything you will use in your study that will help the review committee understand your research topic and how you plan to conduct your research.


7. Make sure all modifications are highlighted in your documents.  If you do not highlight, your study will not be reviewed.

8.  Click on “Sign this Project,” located on the left side of the page.

9.  Your project is ready to be submitted to committee.  Click on “Submit this Package.”

10.  Select the proper committee to review the study.  Ball State University has four listed: ASPiRE, IACUC, IBC, and IRB.  Highlight the committee and click "Continue." 

11.  Select your “Submission Type,” and choose “Amendment/Modification.”

12.  Click “Submit.”