1.  Use your username and password to sign in to IRBNet.

2.  Click “Create New Project,” located on the left side of the page.

3.  Enter project title and the first and last name of the principal investigator.

4.  After entering this information, you will be taken to the “Designer” page.  You can access the designer page by clicking on “Designer” under the heading “Project Administration,” located on the left side of the page.

5.  Under “Step 2,” click on “Add New Document” to upload files.  Putting together your project in this way is called “assembling your document package.”    ______________________________________________________________________

For a New Study You Need To Upload the Following Documents

a.  Animal Teaching Protocol Form, Animal Breeding Colony Application Form, Laboratory Animal Research Protocol Application Form, and/or Non-Laboratory/Field Animal Protocol Form (depending on your research project, you may need to submit one or more of these documents)

a.  Human Subjects Research Application and Narrative form
b.  Any and all relevant project documents, these could include:

Informed consent documents, parental permission forms, surveys, recruitment letters or e-mails, introductory scripts, be sure to include anything you will use in your study that will help the review committee understand your research topic  and how you plan to conduct your research. 

6.  After uploading all documents, if you want to share your study with others involved in the project, click on “Share this Project.”  Select those users you wish to share your study with. 

7.  Next, click on “Sign this Package.” 

8.  Your project is ready to be submitted to committee.  Click on “Submit this Package.”

9.  Select the proper committee to review the study.  Ball State University has four listed: ASPiRE, IACUC, IBC, and IRB.  Highlight the committee and click "Continue." 

10.  Select your “Submission Type,” and choose “New Project.”

11.  Click “Submit.”