Roll Out the Red

Managers' FAQ

Q: Do I need to configure my computer in a special way to use the training modules?
A. Flash Player must be installed and Active X must be enabled to allow Flash content to show. To install Flash Player, visit Adobe's website (be sure to note the install wants you to have Google Toolbar by default).

It may also be necessary to allow Active X to function by making the Ball State site a trusted site for your browser. For a tech clip on how to make a trusted site, view this Tech Clip.

Q. Parts in the training modules do not load or pages do not appear as they should. What is happening?
A. A pop-up blocker may be enabled. Disabling the pop-up blocker on the computer will facilitate ease of use of these four modules. For Internet Explorer: Click Tools from the browser menu; click Pop-Up Blocker; click Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker. In addition, preferred browsers are Internet Explorer and/or Safari.

Q: What if one of my employees cannot participate in the online training in our office because of interruptions?
A: Computers are available in the Library. Release the employee to the Library just as you would release an employee to attend a regular training session in another location.

Q: What if I want to pay overtime or give compensatory time to an employee who is participating in the online training?
A: A supervisor may choose to pay overtime or give compensatory time to an employee whose hours worked rise above 40 hours per week because of Roll Out the Red training time. See p. 4 of the Handbook for Nonexempt Staff Personnel "Overtime Policy for Nonexempt Staff Personnel Other Than Law Enforcement Officers."

Q: What if I have registered an employee into one session but the employee cannot attend at that time? May I send a substitute?
A: If the substitute employee has passed the online Final Learning Assessment in Module 4 with a score of 80% or better, the substitute employee may attend in the original employee's place. Contact Jerry Winans in Learning & Development to indicate the registration change.

Q: Are only full-time staff and professional personnel participating in Roll Out the Red?
A: All full- and part-time employees are required to complete the online modules and attend face-to-face training.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about the Roll Out the Red program?
A: Contact Jerry Winans in Learning and Development.

Q: How much time is required for employees to complete Roll Out the Red online training?
A: It is estimated it will take between three and four hours for employees to review the website and complete all activities in all four training modules.

Q: Will there be special arrangements for workshop training for employees who don't work between 8 AM and 5 PM?
A: Several options are available to supervisors. Contact Jerry Winans in Learning and Development.

Q: What is the policy for training new employees?
A: New employees should complete the online training. Additional workshops will be scheduled.

Q: I have a nonexempt employee who wants to do the online training at home on his personal computer. Can he do that?
A: With the supervisor's permission, an employee can do that. However, those hours spent at home viewing the online training count as hours worked in that specific workweek. This could put the employee in an overtime situation for that workweek. See p. 4 of the Handbook for Nonexempt Staff Personnel "Overtime Policy for Nonexempt Staff Personnel Other Than Law Enforcement Officers."

Q: Should student employees review all the videos or just Module 4 entitled "Customer Service for Student Employees?"
A: Student employees are strongly encouraged to view Module 4. It is highly recommended that students view the other modules as well.

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