Advance Proposal Development Program

The Advance Program combines previously separate Aspire (Ad-Hoc, General Faculty Research & Creative Arts) and SPO Incentive Programs (Cardinal Fellows, Enhance, Resubmit) into one comprehensive program, designed to encourage and promote proposal submissions to external sponsors by providing various levels of support during the proposal development process and in support of ongoing research and creative projects.

The goal of the Advance Program is to increase both the quantity and quality of competitive external grant proposals submitted by BSU faculty members and professional personnel.  As such, the Advance award will support a Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) proposal development needs by funding dedicated summer time, AY release time, travel and/or supplies for expenses that will directly impact the development and submission of a competitive external grant proposal.


Due Dates :
Advance salary requests will be reviewed on the following schedule:

Application Deadline:

October 23, 2014* 


 Application Deadline:

February 12, 2015*


* Both deadlines include requests for Summer pay and/or Fall 2015/Spring2016 buyouts.

For questions regarding the Advance Program, please contact the Advance Program Manager by phone at 765-285-5083, or by email at slee@bsu.edu