SUBMIT Program

The SUBMIT program encourages proposal development and submission. Just for submitting a grant proposal, SUBMIT places funds into an account for extramural-related expenses of Project Directors/Co-Directors. Notices of available funds are processed on a monthly basis based on the previous month’s submissions.

Please note that eligibility for SUBMIT funds is tied to the Proposal Submission Policy.

For more information on the SUBMIT program, please see the SUBMIT guidelines and FAQ.

 Funds Available Based on Sponsor Request

External Proposal Sponsor Dollars Requested   SUBMIT Amount  
 > = $1,000,000  $1,500
 $500,000-$999,999  $1,000
 $250,000-$499,999  $750
 $50,000-$249,999  $400
 $15,000-$49,999  $200

What can be purchased with these funds?

Project related expenses or professional development. Examples include project supplies, professional travel, publishing costs, supplemental assigned time (course release) for research, or a graduate assistant for the summer. Food/beverage purchases and gift cards are NOT allowed. Items purchased with SUBMIT funds must follow University policies and procedures and will be considered University property. 

When do my SUBMIT Funds expire?

SUBMIT funds no longer have an expiration date. However, funds within the RIA need to be utilized at least once per fiscal year. RIA’s that have had no significant activity for an entire fiscal year will have all the funds in the account returned to the SUBMIT parent account, unless there is justification for a larger goal.

For more information on the SUBMIT program, please see the SUBMIT guidelines and FAQ

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