SUBMIT Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can be purchased with these funds?

A: Project related expenses or professional development. Examples include project supplies, professional travel, publishing costs, supplemental assigned time (course release) for research, or a graduate assistant for the summer. Food/beverage purchases and gift cards are NOT allowed. Items purchased with SUBMIT funds must follow University policies and procedures and will be considered University property. 

Q: What if there is more than one PI listed on the Cayuse routing form?

A: When there is more than one PI in Cayuse, the amount of SUBMIT funds are divided equally between co-PI’s, unless arrangements with the Proposal Manager prior to proposal submission.

Q: I received external funding, but have not yet obtained internal approvals via Cayuse, am I eligible for the SUBMIT program?

A: No. In order for an external submission to be eligible for the SUBMIT program funds, the proposal must follow the Proposal Submission Policy and have internal approvals via Cayuse prior to submission, not at the notice of funding.

Q: I served as a mentor on a student-led external grant, who receives the SUBMIT funds?

A: SUBMIT funds are placed in the name of the faculty mentor, not the student. It will be up to the faculty mentor to decide how to best use the funds.

Q: Are professional personnel who are listed as co-PI’s on external proposals eligible for the SUBMIT program? 

A: Yes. The same guidelines apply to both faculty and professional personnel.

Q: How do I expend SUBMIT funds?

A: SUBMIT funds are transferred into individual Research Incentive Accounts (RIA). These accounts have been established to hold incentive funds for faculty and staff, including the SUBMIT program, indirect cost recovery distribution and other funds related to SPO incentive programs. Expenditures do not have to be approved by SPO but through PI/Co-PI’s home department/unit.

Q: When using SUBMIT funds for travel, do I need to route the Authorization for Travel and/or Travel Expense Voucher to SPO for approval?

A: No, it is not required to route SUBMIT expenditures or Travel Authorizations through SPO. Please work with home department/unit for appropriate routing of Travel Authorization and Expense Vouchers.

Q: When do my SUBMIT Funds expire? 

A: SUBMIT funds no longer have an expiration date. However, funds within the RIA need to be utilized at least once per fiscal year. RIA’s that have had no significant activity for an entire fiscal year will have all the funds in the account returned to the SUBMIT parent account, unless there is justification for a larger goal.

Q: When will I be notified of SUBMIT funds being placed into the research incentive account (RIA)? 

A: Notices will be distributed via email each month for the prior month’s submitted external proposals to eligible PI/co-PI’s.

Q: How do I find out the balance of my research incentive account (RIA)?

A: It is the responsibility PI/co-PI’s to work with their home department/unit to track the expenditures and balances of their accounts.

Q: What happens to SUBMIT funds if I move to a different department within the University?

A: Unless other arrangements are made in writing by the PI/Co-PI, SUBMIT funds remain in the individual’s RIA regardless of departmental appointment within the University.

Q: What happens to RIA funds after I retire/leave the University?

A: If the PI plans to continue to perform research/projects as an emeritus faculty member at Ball State University, the account will remain open and available for use. If a PI leaves the University and has Co-PI(s) on the project, remaining SUBMIT funds can go to Co-PI(s), distributed equally if there is more than one, if prior arrangements are made. Otherwise, the account will be closed and the funds will be reclaimed by the program.

Q: Can I use my SUBMIT funds to pay for a Ball State course (Tuition/Fees)?

A: No. The university tuition policy does not allow for this transaction.

If you have more questions or this FAQ did not answer your question, see the SUBMIT Guidelines or contact the SUBMIT Program Administrator, Keith Chandler.

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