SUBMIT Program Guidelines

Funds Available Based on Sponsor Request

External Proposal Sponsor Dollars Requested 

SUBMIT Amount 

> = $1,000,000










  • Funds will be available only if the submission followed the Proposal Submission Policy
  • Service contracts are not eligible for SUBMIT funds.
  • Funds will be transferred monthly, based on the previous month's submissions, into the Project Investigators (PI)/Co-PIs' Research Incentive Account (RIA).
  • PI/Co-PIs’ funds will be available and not expire through RIA as long as a significant amount of the account is utilized at least once per fiscal year. If not, the remaining funds in their RIA account will be reclaimed by the program, unless there is justification for a larger goal.
  • Only project related and professional development expenditures are allowable.
  • Funds will be divided equally among PI/Co-PIs, unless other arrangements are requested.
  • Faculty stipends or salary enhancements are not allowed. However, course releases for sponsored program activities, approved by the department chair, are applicable.
  • PIs that retire or leave the University: If the PI plans to continue to perform research/projects as an emeritus faculty member, the account remains open and available for use. If not, the account will be closed and the remaining funds in their account will be reclaimed by the program.

If you have questions about the SUBMIT Program, see the SUBMIT FAQ.

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