Past Researcher of the Year Awardees


 2013 Tom Holtgraves, Professor of Psychology
2012 Holmes Finch, Professor of Educational Psychology
*Now Available: Researcher of the Year lecture video*


Todd Trappe, Exercise Science
2010 Thomas Lauer, Professor of Biology





2009 Richard Fluegeman, Professor of Geological Sciences
2008 Lawrence Gerstein - Director, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies; Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services
2007 Sushil Sharma, Information Systems and Operations Management
2006 Robert Papper, Telecommunications
2005 Mahfuza Khatun, Physics and Astronomy
Ronald Cosby, Center for Computational Nanoscience
Yong Joe, Physics and Astronomy
2004 Tracy Cross, Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities
2003 Carolyn MacKay, English
2002 Jay Bagga, Computer Science
2001 Thomas Morrell, Biology
2000 Thaddeus Godish, Natural Resources and Environmental Management






1999 Donald F. Kuratko, Marketing and Management
1998 Adele King, Modern Languages and Classics
1997 Gale Gehlsen, Physical Education
1996 Mohammad Behforouz, Chemistry
1995 Glenda Riley, History
1994 Wayne Zage, Computer Science
1993 Thomas McComish, Biology
1992 Terry Schurr, Computing Services
1991 Chun-Hung Tzeng, Computer Science
1990 John Glover, Educational Psychology






1989 Merle Fifield, English
1988 Jatinder Gupta, Marketing and Management
1987 Raymond Dean, Educational Psychology
Robert Pinger, Physiology and Health Science
1986 Wes Gehring, Telecommunications
1985 Mir Masoom Ali, Mathematical Sciences
1984 Linda Ferrill, Educational Psychology
1983 John Koumoulides, History
1982 Alice Bennett, Biology
1981 Tetsumaro Hayashi, English
1980 Joseph Trimmer, English






1979 Juan Pablo Bonta, Architecture
1978 Dwight Hoover, History
1977 T. K. Puttaswamy, Mathematical Sciences
1976 Chu-Yuan Cheng, Economics
1975 John Beekman, Mathematical Sciences
1974 Russell Siverly, Physiology and Health Science
1973 Gordon Rosene, Physiology and Health Science
1972 David Costill, Physical Education




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