Staff Council

Any Staff Council Representatives
Interested in President, Vice President, or Secretary,
please contact Chris Caldwell.



The Role of the Council shall be to render advice, make recommendations, and provide assistance to University Officers in the formation or change of University policies affecting regular, full-time Staff Personnel and Service Personnel (hereafter referred to as Staff Personnel).

Staff Personnel are those employees holding regular full-time positions (as defined in handbooks) who have successfully completed a probationary period.

You may complete an anonymous online Request for information or an online Request for Policy Change. This will be sent electronically to the Vice President of Staff Council. Using your name and phone number is optional but will allow for a quicker response. You may also complete a Printable Form (PDF). Please send or deliver this form to the Vice President of Staff Council.



Please forward nomination materials to:
A. Jane Morton Award Committee
C/O Peggy Weis
Architecture Building
(basement) Room 018
Ball State University