Student Center

Art Gallery

The Student Center Art Gallery is located on the 1st floor of the building, on the west end, adjacent to the Office of Student Life.   Some pieces are displayed  in o ther areas of the building.    The Student Center purchases student art pieces on  a yearly basis and has collected artwork from various student art shows over the past decade.   All pieces are purchased from students enrolled in Ball State University and gives tribute to the talent of the artists enrolled within Ball State programs.  

The Gallery space is not available for traveling or special shows.

Artist Name: Ben Johnson

Major: Fine Arts

Title: Tornado

Medium: Blown Glass


This off hand blown glass vessel was made by Ben Johnson the first MFA student in glass at Ball State University.  This piece was inspired by Johnson’s interest in historical Venetian glass blowing techniques.  The line work in the piece called "cane" is a multiple step process where the lines are first generated by pulling the molten glass out into thin rods of glass.  Once the pencil sized rods have been created they are reheated and then fused onto the bubble of molten glass.  Once fused the piece is manipulated into the desired effect then blown up into its final form. 


Artist Name:   Molly Jean Gruninger

Major:  Visual Communication

Title:   Dissolution


In this piece entitled Dissolution, the aim is to question the role of technology in modern society and the predominance it has taken over natural forms of human capability.  While technology has many benefits and helps to lead healthier, more efficient lives, it’s important to realize when a useful tool becomes one of dependence.  At what point does society begin to sacrifice the gifts that give the freedom to express, build, fix, learn, and communicate without the aid of a machine?  It’s important to preserve the unique quality that only the touch of a hand, sound of a voice, and substance and smell of physical presence can bring.  As technology sucks us further into its grasp, it threatens to swallow what remains of a beautiful culture. If society takes the time to develop, rather than invest all its energy in building crutches, it will have the ability and freedom to stand independently.


Artist Name:   Damon Butler

Major: Photography

Medium:   Photography


This work focuses on the intimate relationship between humans and their environment, specifically natural landscapes. Ethereal matter is used in the form of light that the camera captures during long exposures. Light plays an intricate role in balancing these photos. The ribbons of light connect these two entities in a literal bond, yet also represent the spiritual association the subject has with this special area. The bond created is only captured in its entirety by the camera; these lights do not exist in any way, yet live and breathe life inside the realm of the photo.

These images are produced using found or natural light to illuminate the environment, while the vibrant spiritual lighting is created using common flashlights and other lighting equipment. Like these images, the tools used to construct them are also engineered to create a certain effect. Long string-like lights are employed to imply highly energized areas, while the free flowing streamers represent the continuous potential energy occupied in every element. Highlighted areas in the landscape are drowned in color to amplify their importance.

From the moments during their creation to the viewer’s interpretation, experience is the essence of these images. The attempt is for the viewer to contemplate the relationship between themselves and their own meditative nook of the world.


Artist:   Kellie Kuratko

Major: Fine Arts and Photography

Title:   Absorbed


"Absorbed" is a series of images I photographed of the television.  The camera is set to a very high f-stop and a very slow shutter speed usually around two to three seconds which then gives the images the movement and blurriness you see.  They each captured the color and abstractions we don't normally think of while watching television.  This piece represents being absorbed in today's technology. 


Artist:   Joshua McGarvey

Major:  Fine Arts

Title:  Globular Indulgence

This piece is an abstract exploration of materials.  As a printmaker, this piece is one completed outside of normal conditions, so the piece is much more open than his usual work.  The piece was highly influenced by the work of Terry Winters.


Artist:  Keegan Adams

Major:   Fine Arts

Medium: Intaglio


Artist:   Corey Hagelburg

Major:   Fine Arts

Medium:   Woodcut Print 


Artist:   Unknown

Artist:  Unknown

Artist:   Unknown