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Ride Board

Here are a few tips when using the Ride Board:

  • Make sure you submit your name and e-mail address to the database. If everyone submits information, the chance of finding a match increases.
  • Be careful about giving out your personal information over the Internet to people you do not know. When you find a potential rider or driver, we suggest you e-mail the person and arrange to meet him/her in a public place before you actually start car pooling or trip sharing. At this meeting, you should discuss sharing the cost of gas, the route you will take, and any other pertinent information.

The Ride Board is set up for you to use your Ball State username and password. A separate window will appear for you to log in after you agree to these terms and conditions.

When you are finished submitting your request for a ride or rider, be sure to quit the browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Foxfire) to disable your Ball State username and password access. If you only leave the Ride Board site without quitting the browser, others will be able to access the Ride Board using your account.

Ball State cannot guarantee you will find a ride or rider.

Ball State is not responsible for any mishaps that occur during trips arranged by using the Ride Board. Use this service at your own risk.

If you accept the conditions above, you may proceed to the Ride Board.

I accept the terms and wish to continue on to the Ride Board.

(You will need to log in with your Ball State username and password to access the Ride Board.)