The following definitions will be used in this Code:

4.1    University means Ball State University.

4.2    University official means any employee of the University performing administrative, professional, or staff responsibilities.

4.3    Student is defined as any person admitted to the University, registered or enrolled in classes either full-time or part-time, or otherwise associated with the University. Persons who withdraw after allegedly violating the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, or who are not officially enrolled for a given term but in a “continuing relationship” with the University, shall be considered “students.” Continuing relationship may include, but is not limited to: students enrolled in a previous semester and registered or otherwise indicating intent to register for a future period of enrollment or; a student accepted for admission who has indicated intent to attend in a future period of enrollment.

4.4    School day means Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It does not include Saturday or Sunday, nor does it include any day on which there are no scheduled University classes.

4.5    Business day refers to any day, Monday through Friday, in which University offices are open.

4.6    University activity includes any teaching, research, service, administrative function, proceeding, ceremony, or activity conducted or authorized by students, faculty, staff, or administrators that is held by the authority of the University.

4.7    University property means property owned, controlled, used, or occupied by the University.

4.8    Written notice is deemed to begin running on the first business day after the date such notice is mailed by the University, or immediately when the notice is hand delivered, delivered to a residence hall mailbox, or delivered to a student's University email in-box or forwarded to an alternative email address as directed by the student.

4.9    Members of the University community includes anyone who belongs to any of the following groups: students, faculty, professional personnel, staff personnel, service personnel.

4.10    Organization means any group granted official recognition by the University after meeting established criteria for such recognition.

4.11    Judicial body means any person or group of persons authorized by this Code to determine whether a student has violated any provision of the Code, to administer sanctions, or to grant appeals.