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calendar items Use AP style for events included in the university’s online calendar of events. Exceptions are composition titles, which follow the same style as other marketing communications, and writing out state names.

Campus Information Center 765-285-5000. Also may be reached by dialing zero from campus phones. Call for student, faculty, facility, and departmental phone numbers and addresses.

capitalization Capitalize initial letter if in a proper name; otherwise use lowercase. With a title, capitalize only before the name. Job descriptions are lowercase in all instances.
Ex.: Center for Media Design, but the center
Ex.: President Paul W. Ferguson
Ex.: Department of Journalism (formal name), but journalism department (description)
Ex.: Associate Professor of Chemistry Jon Smyth (formal title before the name), but chemistry professor Jon Smyth or Jon Smyth, a chemistry professor (description)

captions, cutlines A caption, also known as a cutline, should identify the people and events taking place in a photograph, as well as provide additional information a reader wouldn’t get from just looking at the photo. When writing one cutline for multiple photos, a directional note inside parentheses should identify which information goes with which photos. Captions should also be used for illustrations.

Ex.: Joe Smith, a junior, kicks the ball to his friend (top). His friend kicks it back (bottom).

When identifying more than one person in a photograph, indicate directionally with commas, going clockwise, left to right.

Ex.: The group gathered in a circle in the middle of the field. Joe Smith, left, was the winner of the competition; David Brown, middle, took second; and John Doe, right, took third.

Cardinals Always capitalize the initial letter. On second reference and in headlines, Cards is acceptable. Do not refer to women’s teams as Lady Cardinals or Lady Cards.

Cardinal Cash Prepaid line of credit that can be used at various food and service locations on campus. Accounts are kept through the Office of Bursar and Loan Administration.

Cardinal Corps Student group that helps the university administration present programs and give tours for campus guests.

center Capitalize only if part of the proper name. Lowercase on second reference.

chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, chair Preferred style is title in lowercase following name. Capitalize the initial letter before a name if part of a formal title.

Charlie Cardinal Ball State’s mascot. On second reference, Charlie is acceptable.

charter schools In 2001, the Indiana General assembly approved legislation allowing four-year public universities, public school districts, and the mayor of Indianapolis to sponsor charter schools. Ball State is the first university in Indiana to sponsor charter schools. These public schools receive state funding, but are independent, nondiscriminating, nonsectarian entities that operate under a performance contract known as a charter. As a charter school’s sponsor, Ball State does not run the schools but reserves the right to revoke a charter if a school fails to meet performance standards.

Christmas break Avoid usage. Use winter break instead.

Christy Woods 17-acre wooded area between University and Riverside avenues, just east of Tillotson Avenue.

Class of … Always capitalize initial letter. Ex: John Doe was a member of the Class of 1988.

class standing In communications in which the publication date is not obvious, use expected year of graduation (i.e. ’13, ’14) rather than junior, senior, etc.

colleges Following is a list of Ball State’s seven colleges. Building location follows:

  • College of Applied Sciences and Technology, Applied Technology
  • College of Architecture and Planning, Architecture Building
  • College of Communication, Information, and Media, Ball Communication Building
  • College of Fine Arts, Arts and Communications Building
  • College of Sciences and Humanities, North Quad
  • Miller College of Business, Whitinger Business Building
  • Teachers College, Teachers College, (Please note: no apostrophe)

colloquium Plural is colloquia.

Commencement, Ball State University Capitalize initial letter in first reference when addressing Ball State’s graduation ceremonies. Lowercase on second reference as commencement.

composition titles In all vehicles except news releases, use italics for the following titles:

  • books, magazines, newspapers
  • computer games
  • movies, TV programs
  • plays, operas
  • works of art

The titles of following should be in quotations:

  • poems
  • songs
  • articles within journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • lectures and speeches
  • exhibitions

For news releases, consult the AP Stylebook.

contract Term used in relation to faculty members who sign either one- or three-year contracts to teach at the university. Refer to such faculty members as contract faculty. See also academic titles, tenure.

commas, serial Ball State University style uses the serial comma in all vehicles (Chicago style) except news releases and calendar items (AP style).

Core Curriculum, University On first reference, capitalize University Core Curriculum, when referring to the set of classes required of all Ball State undergrads. Lowercase initial letter on second reference or to describe required classes in a major.

course names Include the course name and capitalize similar to book title. Do not use course prefix and number alone. Ex. MATHS 165 Calculus 1, Not: MATHS 165

course work Two words.

courtesy titles In general, do not use courtesy titles such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Dr. Use Dr. only when referring to medical doctors.

Cow Path Walkway on the west side of campus, running north-south from the west side of LaFollette Complex to Riverside Avenue.

credit hours List credit hours by numerals. Ex.: 6 credit hours

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