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Daily News, The Ball State Daily News is acceptable on second reference.

David Letterman Communication and Media Building Leading-edge building completed in 2007. Named after Ball State alumnus David Letterman. Note Communication is singular.

departments Capitalize when using the official name of the department. Lowercase on second reference. See B-Book for complete listing. Ex.: Department of Journalism, journalism department

distinguished professor Faculty member who has received distinction for excellence in teaching. Provost names distinguished professors, who are nominated by the dean of the faculty member’s college. Distinguished professors receive a pay raise that’s funded by external grants or gifts.

Disability Services Formerly Disabled Student Development.

disabled, impaired As a university committed to diversity, we must be sensitive to how we write about people with disabilities. If a person’s disability is relevant to the story, ask the source how he or she wishes to be described. Generally, the more sensitive terms are disabled or impaired. If the person uses a piece of equipment, such as a wheelchair, it is best to say he or she uses it rather than is confined to it. For guidance, call Disability Services, 765-285-5293.

dorm Residence hall is the preferred term.

Dr., doctor Use before the name when referring only to medical doctors.

doctoral degree Doctorate or doctoral degree is preferred over abbreviations PhD, etc. Do not use Dr. before name, unless a medical doctor.

drop/add period

Duck Pond A body of water located near Bethel and McKinley avenues, across McKinley from Johnson Complex.

University Marketing and Communications
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Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Monday - Friday. For after-hours calls, dial the number below and you will be directed to an on-call staff person.
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