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National Panhellenic Conference An umbrella organization for 26 international women’s fraternities and sororities. On second reference, NPC is acceptable.

National Pan-Hellenic Council On second reference and in headlines, NPHC is acceptable. Governing body of Ball State’s black and Hispanic fraternities and sororities.

NCAA acceptable on all references for National College Athletic Association.

Neely Avenue Commonly misspelled Neeley.

nicknames Use a nickname in place of a person’s real name when it is the way that person prefers to be known.Ex.: Chuck Smith instead of Charles Smith.
Use quotation marks if you are inserting it into a person’s full name. Ex.: Cole “The Irish Bull” McGrath.
When referring to Ball State sports teams, use Cardinals or Cards for both men and women. Do not refer to women’s sports teams as Lady Cardinals or Lady Cards.

numerals Use numerals for 10 or greater. Spell out whole numbers one through nine. Use numerals in all cases for percentages, credit hours, grade point averages, dollar amounts, age, and dimensions. Spell out numerals at beginning of a sentence. Use numeral for decimals, write out fractions less than one. Ex: the first century, the 21st century, 200 students, 6 credit hours, 2 percent, increased by onethird, 2.5 grade point average, $3 million, 6-foot-10.
Note: This is an exception to Chicago style.

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