Technology Changes

One of the goals of UTS is to provide you with the knowledge you need to transition from one technology solution to the next.  Visit this page often to find out about technology changes across campus. In addition to details about why a technology is changing, you will find help guides and how-to videos to help you accomplish your technology goals. Click the underlined heading below to learn about the latest changes.

Improving Bb Availability and Reliability through Managed Hosting

In an effort to provide a more stable and reliable Bb experience for students and faculty, Blackboard has agreed to host our environment. Ball State will join over a hundred other universities to host Bb services at the company’s facility. Our contract stipulates 99.9% uptime and dedicated support staff. The hosting facility has state of the art networking, hardware, and security. Ball State will maintain control over the timing of upgrades and the installation of any building blocks that add functionality, i.e. Pearson MyLabs, NBC Learn etc. User experience to Bb will remain the same. All existing course content will be preserved in a more robust environment.

This move will take place after summer semester ends. To accommodate the conversion, Bb will be down for a few days. We will have 2-3 practice runs of this conversion to determine the amount of time needed. Exact dates of the outage will be shared as soon as they are determined.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Yasemin Tunc at 5-5902 or via email at ytunc@bsu.edu.  

Unified Technology Support General Testing Lab Changes: Academic Year 2013-2014

There will be two changes for the UTS general campus testing labs beginning fall 2013. The first change is to make all general computer-based testing labs walk-in only with no appointment scheduling the beginning of fall 2013. The walk-in lab concept continues to grow every semester with more and more students taking advantage of this service. This change is in response to a consistent 25-28% no-show during midterms and finals of all scheduled test appointments which created an inefficient use of our workstations and resources. 

The second change during the upcoming academic year 2013-2014 will be the migration to “no assisted materials” test taking for Blackboard and inQsit in the UTS testing labs. This change is related to the complexities of monitoring labs that allow both “assisted materials” and “non-assisted materials” testing, the inability for faculty to identify specific Blackboard tests to allow or disallow “assisted materials” testing and the challenge of students effectively monitoring other students. For inQsit testing only, we will have a one semester migration path to allow “assisted materials” testing only in the WB216 walk-in testing lab. 

Below is a breakdown of the changes and specific details for inQsit and Blackboard testing with and without materials for the academic year 2013-2014:

inQsit on-line testing in UTS testing labs:

- Fall 2013 inQsit “assisted materials” testing will only be allowed in WB216 as a walk-in lab

- Fall 2013 inQsit “non-assisted materials” testing will be allowed in all UTS testing labs except WB216

- Spring 2014 no inQsit tests in any UTS testing lab including WB216 will be allowed to use materials at the workstations

Blackboard on-line testing in UTS testing labs:

- Fall 2013 no materials will be allowed at the workstations while taking Blackboard tests

- Fall 2013 labs open for Blackboard testing will be RB134, SC118, SC119, BL008 and any other lab that may need to be opened due to overflow

- Spring 2014 WB216 will be open for all Blackboard and inQsit “non-assisted materials” testing

Faculty wishing to allow Blackboard “assisted materials” testing may use their own departmental computer labs and create their own Blackboard secure testing environment with Respondus Lockdown Browser. UTS has a site license and will be available to install the Respondus Lockdown Browser tool if you would like to monitor or proctor your own Blackboard tests or testing environments. If you would like to implement your own secure Blackboard testing environment, please contact Dan Lutz (285-5479) to schedule a meeting with your faculty or departmental coordinators to.

Further communications for the UTS testing lab changes for fall 2013 will be sent during the last part of April and through the summer and early parts of August and the first two weeks of fall 2013 semester through emails, Blackboard and the Communications Center.

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