Supported Products

The following recommendations apply to Ball State-owned hardware and software.  If you have questions or would like clarification about Supported Products, please visit www.bsu.edu/helpdesk and submit a ticket, call the Technology HelpDesk at 765-285-1517 or stop by the Tech Center located in Bracken Library, room 101.


Information Technology recommends using wired printers for on-campus use. While wireless printers are available, they can be problematic and work only intermittently. In addition, wireless printers consume wireless bandwidth, which can mean slower wireless connectivity for other devices. Using a wired connection for both desktop and networked printers is highly recommended. Support for wireless printers will be “best effort” only.

Supported Hardware

Visit the Hardware Repair Web page to learn what university-owned hardware is supported.


UTS typically supports the current version and one previous version of supported software. The Supported Products list includes products in which Unified Technology Support (UTS) staff have extensive experience. Employees may purchase and use software not listed below, but if you think you will require assistance, you are strongly encouraged to make use of UTS-recommended software and hardware packages. Support for programs not listed below or for older versions of supported software will be on a "best effort" basis.   

     Operating Systems 
     Windows 7
     Windows Vista
     Mac OS 10.6   Snow Leopard
     Mac OS 10.5   Leopard
E-mail Packages
     Outlook 2010 for Windows
     Outlook 2007 for Windows
     Outlook 2011 for the Mac
     Entourage 2008 for the Mac
Adobe Software
     Adobe Acrobat 10
     Adobe Acrobat 9
     Adobe Creative Suite 5
     Adobe Creative Suite 4
Apple Software
     iLife '11
     iLife '10
Anti-virus Software
     Microsoft Forefront
Internet Browsers
     Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer for Windows
     Firefox 3.0 for Windows
     Safari 4.0 or newer for Mac
     Firefox 3.0 for Mac
Microsoft Office
     Microsoft Office Professional 2010 for Windows
     Microsoft Office Professional 2007 for Windows
     Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac
     Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac
Statistical Analysis Packages
     AMOS 19 and higher for Windows 
     SAS 9.2 and higher for Windows
     SPSS 19 and higher for Windows
     MiniTab 16. 2 for Windows and Mac 
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