Working Well

Working Well Ambassador acts as a liaison between their department and Ball State University’s Working Well Program.

Ambassadors play a vital role in the in supporting the goals and objectives of Ball State University by improving the university community quality of life.  Ambassadors know their coworkers and work area; therefore they are advantaged in motivating their colleagues to achieve healthier lifestyles.

As a team of Wellness champions, the Ambassadors’ main responsibility to motivate colleagues to engage in wellness activities and positive behaviors to achieve healthier lifestyles and improve a work-life balance.  Ambassadors are advocates of the Working Well Program and they do this by actively promoting the program, encouraging coworkers to take part in scheduled activities, provide feedback and suggestions to the staff along with nurturing a Wellness culture.

The Role of the Working Well Ambassador?

  • Having fun, keep it simple, and share your passion for a healthy lifestyle with your colleagues!
  • Dissemination of broadcasting of wellness information to faculty and staff regarding Working Well health promotion activities (via email, meetings, display boards, etc...)
  • Reserve time in your staff meetings to announce upcoming Working Well activities
  • Take part in a variety of wellness events and activities
  • Attend scheduled ambassador meetings (usually 2 per year)
  • Answer questions from co-workers regarding wellness activities and programs
  • Help new employees learn about and get involved with the Working Well Program.
  • Encourage your colleagues to participate in the Working Well program (i.e.: HRA, Lunch and Learns, special activities and screenings, etc)
  • Provide feedback on wellness issues in your department and be on the lookout for success stories to share with us.
  • Be proactive by encouraging wellness lifestyles as a personal choice that comes with personal responsibility.

Working Well
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Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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