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Citizens Advisory Committee Corridor Charrette

West Second Street Corridor Vision Plan--This project would facilitate a visioning process for the design of the West Second Street Corridor from Washington Street to Indiana State Road 37 (approximately 2.5 miles). West Second Street is a major east/west artery that transects Bloomington. It is bordered by a myriad of uses including core neighborhoods, city parks, Bloomington Hospital, and professional, commercial, and residential uses.

This project would develop the streetscape design, preferred land uses and their intensity, and the context of the corridor and the surrounding environment (character zones). The end result will give a clear vision and definition of the design, context, and intensity of the corridor for land uses and their relationship with the modes of transportation within the corridor.

Timeline: TBD

Partners: Citizens Advisory Committee

Citizens Advisory Committee Studio Project

Complete Street Design for Allen Street--This project would formulate design recommendations with specific emphasis on alternative transportation for Allen Street from Henderson Street to Rogers Street (approximately 0.6 miles). Allen Street experiences relatively little vehicular traffic but does present design challenges such as appropriate crossing treatments at high traffic intersections and right-of-way width.

It is identified to serve the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians who wish to access key destinations such as the downtown B-Line multi-use trail, core neighborhoods, an elementary school, and one of the city's most popular parks (Bryan Park). The end result will provide a design which facilitates use of Allen Street as a "bicycle boulevard," encourages the use of this street as a safe route to school, and serve the needs of adjacent neighborhoods.

Timeline: TBD

Partners: Citizens Advisory Committee

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