IHC-Canal Park/Central Park

Canal Park Advocates believe these goals are not sufficient to justify a commercial development on this prime park site and civic space. We believe the rationales presented by CPA justify the ultimate use of this one-acre property as a park.
Timeline: TBD
Partners: Canal Park Advocates

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Land Use and Corridor study for the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Studying the implications of TOD, Maple Road Development, Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood Assn., FOCUS and Green Print.
Timeline: Fall 2008

I-65 Gateway Enhancement Project  

Improve Public Safety: address concerns stemming from inadequate lighting and the altogether unappealing and generally poor appearance of the underpasses.
Stimulate Local Economic Development: stimulate development and use of commercial properties within a block of the underpasses.
Cultivate Neighborhood Cohesion: encourage more pedestrian flow between neighborhoods north and south of I-65 by making the underpasses more safe and inviting.
Contribute to Downtown Economic Development: promote living, shopping, and working environments in downtown neighborhoods, by creating a positive impression of downtown for vehicular traffic as passengers enter downtown from the north gateway arteries.
Create Destination Points: transform commonplace, purely utilitarian, features of urban living into unique, attractive assets, thereby advertising the creative dynamism of living downtown.
Timeline: TBD 
Partners: Old Northside Neighborhood Assn., Herron Morton Neighborhood Assn., Indianapolis Downtown Incorporated, City of Indianapolis, Riley Area Development

South Madison Avenue Gateway Corridor

Community design charrette for the Madison Avenue Redevelopment Area to address issues of commercial revitalization, place-making and streetscape enhancement. The workshop concentrates on the quality of life issues and sustainable neighborhood development in response to a corridor redevelopment.
Timeline: Spring 2009
Partners: Gateway Business Alliance/Gateway Community Development