Computational Nanoscience

Main Goals

  • The Center will focus on computational science in the emerging areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Computational science, which has emerged as a third way of doing research, one that complements theory and experiment, will playa key role in developing our understanding of materials at the nanometer scale and in the development "by- design" of new nanoscale materials and devices.
  • The Center will catalyze the integration of research and education in nanoscience and technology across disciplines and partnership among five universities. The creation of this center will playa major role in establishing a powerful computational nanoscience research and technology development base, and will help Indiana attract the major federal research funds necessary to accomplish this. In addition, it will help involve Indiana industry in research at an early stage so that it can better exploit the benefits of nanotechnology, and be able to employ the highly-skilled personnel that the Center will prepare.
  • The goals of the research will be achieved through the cross-fertilization ofideas across disciplines and the systematic flow ofinformation among research groups. Hence, the Center will strongly promote an open exchange ofknowledge for students and participants.
  • A multi-university effort of workforce education and training of future high-technology workers is necessary for the rapid progress of nanoscience and Indiana's future nano-industries. An entirely new generation will need to be trained in the science underpinning nanotechnology. This Center will strengthen the environment, for example, in the transition & om knowledge-driven to product-driven efforts, in which we train our students, thereby helping to ensure that Indiana will be a technologically developed leader into the 21st Century.
Center for Computational Nanoscience
Cooper Physical Science Building (CP), room 201
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-8879