Past Research

Past Research Program Examples

  • Building Diagnostics Program 
  • Solar Collector Testing Program 
  • On-Site Solar Evaluation Program 
  • Daylight Affiliates Program

Past Research Project Examples 

  • Columbus Four Schools Lighting Analysis 
  • Clifty Creek School Day lighting Analysis/Model Testing 
  • Concord Village/Eagle Creek Energy Analysis 
  • Johnson Controls HVAC Electronic Training Materials Development 
  • Jay County REMC Construction Process AnalysisPolo Jeep/Eagle Retrofit Energy Simulation Study 
  • LG Academy Environmental Systems Design 
  • CERECODETM Energy Code Compliance Software Development 
  • Utility Demand Side Management Program Development Support 
  • Quick Weatherization Effectiveness Estimates Utilizing PRISM Software 
  • Technical Consultancy: Muncie Home Ownership Development Center (MHODC) 
  • Weatherization Program Evaluation Plan Support, Indiana C.A.P. Directors Association 
  • Atlanta Olympic Equestrian Venue Sun/Shadow Studies and Simulations 
  • Historical Analysis of Indiana's Agricultural Diversity and the Production of Specialty Crops 
  • CERENETTM Building Energy Simulation Software Development 
  • Energy Conservation in Richmond Indiana's Historic Near North Neighborhood 
  • Indiana University Medical Center CAD Facilities Management System Development and Implementation 
  • Alternative Profit Potentials: Locally Produced, Diverse Agricultural Product Market Analysis and Pilot Crop Production 
  • Energy Savings Evaluation of the Indiana Weatherization Program 
  • Richmond Indiana, Geographic Information System (GIS) Pilot System 
  • Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Duct Sizing Handbook Development 
  • Fuel Pellet Incineration Testing - Muncie Paper Processing 
  • State of Virginia Weatherization Program Evaluations 
  • Abandoned Housing Strategies for Muncie Indiana 
  • Project INCLUDE: Energy Efficient Housing Rehabilitation 
  • Low Income Housing Rehabilitation, Muncie, Indiana 
  • Indiana Energy Conservation Financial Assistance Program (ECFAP) Evaluation 
  • PAWS Inc. Solar Aquatic Waste Treatment Facility Planning 
  • Griffith Residence Photovoltaic System Design Consultancy 
  • Photovoltaic-Power Highway Sign Performance Testing 
  • John Augustus Reitz Historical Home, Energy Conservation Study 
  • Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation Energy Simulations and CADD Documentations 
  • New Hope Community Cluster Housing Energy Simulations 
  • Borg Warner Factory Retrofit Day lighting Model Testing 
  • Muncie Housing Authority/Muncie Community Development Building Diagnostics 
  • Delco Remy Solar Industrial Process Heating Analysis/Simulations 
  • Energy Related Tax Incentives Survey 
  • Morris Butler Historic Home Energy Conservation Analysis 
  • Aleph Park - Energy Conservation Applications for Hi-Tech Industries
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