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Viewing+ and Industry

We are currently gathering industry experts to serve on the Viewing+ Advisory Board, where they will function as a think tank, lending intellectual capital to our program and help define the Viewing+ research agenda. The board is still in formation, but current industry leaders include: Will Kreth, OEDN and Time Warner, Stephanie Gaines, CBS, and Dale Herigstad, ex-officio member and chief creative officer, Schematic.

In addition to the advisory board, industry players who want to be involved in Viewing+ research can engage in the following ways:

1.   Consortium-funded projects: Jointly funded by a limited number of companies with shared interests in a particular issues who are willing to collaborate, these projects will offer funders direct input to the design of the study early and priority access to more detailed findings than will ultimately be made public.  

2.   Thought-leadership work: Some projects will be gene rated and funded using our own resources and will provide thought leadership and actionable insights. The outputs of such projects will be widely distributed in various forms throughout the industry and academia.


3.   Proprietary research: We will conduct limited proprietary research, but these projects will not be pursued over other consortium funded work that contribute some level of insight to the industry at large. They will, however, contribute to our funding base and to methodological development.

The outputs of our Viewing+ research will be used to inform the debate in industry regarding how consumers respond to interactive TV propositions, which consumers respond and to what, and which design conventions are most effective.

Equipment Donations

Special thanks are in order to the following companies who have contributed software or equipment through the OEDN Academic Outreach Program to our CMD Insight and Research Media Lab, equipping it with the latest tools used by those in the iTV industry: Strategy & Technology, ADB, Softel, Zodiac, Ensequence and TVWorks.