Title / University Position

Barry Banks Muncie Community Director of Red-Tail Conservancy
Melody Bernot Biology Dr./Assistant Professor of Biology
Colleen Boyd Anthropology Dr./Associate Professor of Anthropology

Delaina Boyd  

Center for Organizational Resources 

Director of Business Development/BBC

Meg Calkins  

Landscape Architecture 

Assoc. Professor of Landscape Architecture 

Dave Concepcion 

Philosophy and Religious Studies 

Dr./ Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Carolyn Dowling Geological Sciences Dr./Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
Carrie Duke English Student

James Eflin 


Dr./Chair NREM/Professor of Natural Resources 

Jane Ellery Fisher Institute of Health and Well-Being
Dr./Assistant Professor/Associate Director of Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology
Jennifer Erickson Anthropology Dr./Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Carol Friesen 


Dr./Associate Professor of FCS 

Michelle Glowacki-Dudka

Educational Studies

Dr./Asst. Prof. of Adult, Higher and Com. Ed

Lois Green Career Center Cardinal Connect Program Assistant
Joshua Gruver NREM Dr./Assistant Professor of Natural Resources

Linda Hanson


Dr./Professor of English

Leo Huisman English Instructor of English

Martha Hunt

Landscape Architecture

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Kelli Huth Building Better Communities Director, BBC Fellows Program
Kevin Kenyon Facilities Planning and Management Associate Vice President, Facilities
Jagdish Khubchandani Nutrition and Health Science Dr./Asst. Prof. of Community Health Education

Robert Koester


Director/ Professor of Architecture

Mai Kuha English Dr./Assistant Professor of English
Michael Mayfield Indiana Academy Instructor of Science, Math and Humanities
Kristen McCauliff Communication Studies Dr./Asst. Professor of Communication Studies

Melinda Messineo


Dr./ Associate Professor of Sociology

John Motloch

Landscape Architecture

Dr./Professor of Landscape Architecture

Suzanne Plesha Center for Media Design Associate Director Center for Media Design
Elena Polush Educational Studies Dr./Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Deanna Pucciarelli FCS Dr./Associate Professor of FCS
Mark Pyron Biology Dr./Professor of Biology

Annette Rose


Dr./Associate Professor of Technology

Shannon Staton Social Work Assistant Professor of Social Work

Sheryl Swingley


Instructor of Journalism

John Taylor Biology Land Manager, Field Station & Env. Ed. Center
Quintin Thompson Political Science and Philosophy Student

Allen Truell

Information Systems and Ops. Mgt.

Dr./Prof. of Information Systems and Ops Mgt

Scott Truex

Urban Planning

Associate Professor of Urban Planning

Josephine Turner University Dining Auditor/Bookkeeper
Jesse Tye Chemistry Dr./Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Carolyn Vann


Dr./Professor of Biology

John Vann

Marketing and Management

Dr./Associate Professor of Marketing

Zaine Venter Geography Student
Gerald Waite Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Dr./Research Fellow, Emeritus Faculty

Gwen White


Dr./Associate Professor of Accounting

Stephanie Wilson Graduate School Graduate Student Recruiter
Ted Wolner Architecture Dr./Professor of Architecture

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