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Read the Digital Policy Institute’s
most recent report entitled, “Indiana
Rural Broadband Report 2015”
January 21, 2015

Indiana Rural Broadband Report 2015

Dr. Michael Hicks Barry Umanksy, JD


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The Digital Policy Institute (DPI) was initiated in 2004 under a Provost Initiative Grant written by Dr. Dom Caristi (TCOM), Dr. Alan Richardson (TCOM) and Dr. Robert Yadon (CICS).

The Digital Policy Institute (DPI) was started in 2004 under a Provost Initiative Grant written by Dom Caristi and Alan Richardson, both of the Department of Telecommunications (TCOM), and Robert Yadon, of the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS). 

The DPI focuses on and is a catalyst for research and education on issues relevant to digital media. 

Purpose: The purpose of the institute is to serve the Ball State University academic community as an interdisciplinary association of faculty with a collective research interest in the structure of, and competition within, electronic communications industries and the public policy of digital creation, storage, transmission, reception, consumption, and legal protection of information of various forms, including written, voice, data, still images, video, and computer graphics, in the 21st century.