Resources Offered by Student Services


Advisor for undergraduate business students - see list of faculty advisors
Advisor for MBA and graduate certificate students - Jason Webber
DegreeWorks interpretation and training - Pat Mundy
International transfer students - Pat Mundy
Transfer students with at least sophomore standing - Pat Mundy
Re-enrolling/re-installing students with at least sophomore standing - Pat Mundy
Change of major/minor forms - Gail Carmichael 
Cheating and student discipline - Gayle Hartleroad

Incomplete grades - Gayle Hartleroad
Late withdrawals - Gayle Hartleroad
Permission to register for MBA classes - Jason Webber
Prerequisite checks for classes and removal of students from class - Gayle Hartleroad
Course substitutions or DAPR exceptions - Pat Mundy

Graduation audit and certification for graduation - Pat Mundy
Graduation procedure - Gail Carmichael

Assessment of graduate and undergraduate programs - Susan Powell Mantel 
Course, prerequisite & program changes via Curriculum Committees - Gayle Hartleroad
Inter-disciplinary programs - Gayle Hartleroad
Joint programs with other US & International universities - Gayle Hartleroad
Undergraduate Assessment Committee - Gayle Hartleroad
University and Miller College policies for graduate & undergraduate programs - Gayle Hartleroad
Immersive learning program ideas - Contact individual department chairs

Student offerings - Contact individual department chairs
Student eligibility for internships - see list of internship coordinators 

MBA/Graduate Certificate
Admission - Alison Hildebrand
Promotion/marketing -
Scholarships - Gayle Hartleroad
Site visits - Aysha Larson
Classes and programs - Jason Webber
Schedule of classes - Jason Webber
Student programs of study - Jason Webber
Applicant status - Alison Hildebrand
Registration - Jason Webber
Textbooks and course packets - Jason Webber

Student Admissions
Freshman admissions group - Gayle Hartleroad
Undergraduate admission to MCOB majors - Gayle Hartleroad
MBA/certificate admission decisions - Alison Hildebrand

Student Awards
Beta Gamma Sigma - Contact the chair of the College Committee, currently Chris Luchs
Commencement awards - Heather McElyea
Dean’s List - Heather McElyea
Scholarships - Gayle Hartleroad
Undergraduate Fellow - Gayle Hartleroad

Student Events and Activities
Connect to a Major: Connections program scheduling—Department contact for WB 144 on MWF at 3 p.m. - Gerri Hildreth
Event planning for Beta Gamma Sigma, Scholarship Brunch - Gerri Hildreth
Dialogue Days - Tammy Estep 
Freshman Learning Committee - Gayle Hartleroad
Miller Honors Program - Gayle Hartleroad
Miller Scholars - Gayle Hartleroad
Pre-Business Housing Cluster - Gayle Hartleroad
Student Advisory Board - Gayle Hartleroad

Study Abroad Trips 
Arrangements and promotion - Contact individual department chairs
Course equivalencies to Ball State courses, INTBA 300 sections for equivalents - Pat Mundy

For assistance with all other questions, please call Heather McElyea.

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