Gifted Studies and Talent Development

General Information About the Center

The Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development was created in 1994 to identify, promote, and develop giftedness; conduct research for the purposes of improving programs for, and creating a better understanding of, the needs of gifted and talented individuals; provide professional development programs for all who work with gifted and talented individuals; and make information about all aspects of the gifted and talented more accessible.

The Center prepares teachers to meet the academic needs of gifted students both within and outside of the regular classroom

a) by administering the state scholarship program for the licensure coursework in gifted education, and
b) by offering special workshops for educators.

The Center meets the social, emotional, and academic needs of gifted students through outreach, service, and the training of professionals

a) by providing assessment, consultation, counseling, and advocacy service;
b) by offering throughout the state workshops on assessment and identification of gifted and talented children, from preschoolers through adolescents;
c) by utilizing the School Psychology Clinic to provide early identification of gifted and talented children, aiding full development of outstanding cognitive ability;
d) by offering workshops dealing with the topic of giftedness; and
e) by offering a clinical assessment of giftedness among disadvantaged children with the assistance of a fee waiver.

The Center builds a network of stakeholders among constituent groups: teachers, students, parents, Center personnel, and the Indiana Department of Education

a) by conducting an annual Share-Indiana (Share-IN) Conference on parenting gifted children.