Speakers & Topics

Spring 2015

  • Paris and Charlie Hebdo - A Panel Discussion: Dr. Chris Thompson, Christine Satory, M.F.A., and Lalbibi Bahrami (AWAKEN)
  • The Indiana Lifeline Law and Alcohol Offenses - Dawn Finbloom, Norm Finbloom, and Judi Calhoun, J.D.

Fall 2015

  • Ferguson - Strengthening the Relationship between Local Police and the Community: Yvonne Thompson (Director of the Muncie Human Rights Commission), James Duckham (Director of Public Safety), and Keith Overall (member of the Ethnic Theatre Alliance)
  • ISIS - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Dr. Steven Hall, Tarek Kteleh, MD, LTC Kelly Rosenberger, and Malek Sadah, MD
  • A Tale of Nonviolent Resistance in Struggles Against Oppression: Maciej Bartowski, Ph.D.

Spring 2014

  • Food and Social Justice Panel Discussion: Dr. Andrea Wolfe, Dr. Scott Truex, Dave Ring (Downtown Farmstand), and Marilyn Marks (Motivate our Minds)
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chapter of Indiana: Muhammad Messenger of Peace Colloquium
  • Not for Sale-Sex Trafficking: Sergeant Jon Daggy (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police)
  • HJR-3 Panel: Dr. Jay Zimmerman, Matthew Marco (Freedom Indiana), Representative Sue Errington

Fall 2013

  • Feminist Intersectionality panel: Dr. Jennifer Erickson, Dr. Heather Adams, Dr. Amit Baishya, Dr. Juli Thorson
  • Racism and Prejudice Panel: Dr. Charlene Alexander, Dr. Beth Messner, Gunnar Orn Ingolfsson, M.A. 
  • Prevailing Security Environment of Pakistan: Challenges and Responses: Dr. Noman Sattar, Acting Director, Area Study Centre for Africa, North & South America-Quaid-i-Azam University (Islamabad, Pakistan)
  • Ahmadiyya Muslims for peace, loyalty and life campaigns: Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad, Treasurer, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's Indiana
  • Salaam, who has delighted audiences for years with its expansive repertoire of Middle Eastern and North African music
  • Social Media Activism Panel, Advocacy in the age of Facebook, The Influence of Social Media on Social Justice: Dr. Brandon Waite and Dr. Kristen McCauliff

Spring 2013

  • Bryan Orander: President of Charitable Advisors-Working in the nonprofit field
  • Mayor Dennis Tyler: Community Involvement
  • Tarek Kteleh, MD & Malek Sadehh, MD: The Syrian Conflict: Facts, Fiction, & Implications for US

Fall 2012 

  • Former Peace Corps volunteers: Peace Corps Panel about opportunities
  • Judi Calhoun: Domestic abuse and domestic violence
  • Steve Robert:2004 Genocde in the Darfur region
  • George Wolfe: Peacebuilding in a Pluralistic, Interfaith World

Spring 2012

  • Melissa Evans & Nigelle Holloway: Nature's Karma,  Fair Trade & Recycled Products

Fall 2011

  • Dr. Kristin McCauliff & Dr. Bradon Waite: Social Media & Activism
  • Dr. Theresa Kruczek: Dating Violence and Prevention

Spring 2011

  • Ball State's Spectrum: LGBTQ Panel
  • Majdi Felah, BSU Graduate Student: Revolution in Tunisia
  • Bibi Bahrami, Founder of AWAKEN:Education & Health for Afghan Women

Fall 2010

  • "Roses in December" (El Salvador Martyrs): Movie Screening & Discussion
  • Friends Memorial Church: Quakers: Partners in Peace
  • Dr. Beth Messner: Music & the Civil Rights Movement 

Other Past Speakers & Topics

  • Nadia Tabari, BSU Student: Iranian Culture
  • Ramia Badri, BSU Graduate Student & 11th Female to Enlist in Iraqi Army: Iraqi War Experiences
  • Dr. Yeno Matuka,: Culture of the African Congo
  • Lindsie Hammans, Caitlyn McCaslin, & Emily Hitchens (BSU Students): Struggle for Peace in Ireland