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Speaking Opportunities

Speakers Bureau

The center can arrange for Ball State University faculty members to speak to community organizations on peace-related topics.

Name Expertise
Lindsey Blom
Youth development through sports
Lawrence Gerstein Director; Ethno-political conflict, Sports and conflict resolution, Buddhism 
Steven R. Hall Curriculum Coordinator; International poverty, economic growth, foreign aid, investment
Roger Hollands Dispute resolution, mediation, organized labor, light rail 
Theresa Kruczek Trauma, PTSD, resilience, interpersonal violence
Beth Messner Outreach Coordinator; Rhetoric of hate speech, social movements, and public advocacy
Gerald Waite Vietnam, international ethics, genocide, veterans for peace
Phillip Wills Mediation, veterans for peace
Gregory Witkowski Philanthropy, civil society, fund raising
George Wolfe Gandhi, nonviolence, interfaith dialogue, meditation, arts and peace

Traveling County Exhibits

Designed for community libraries and public schools, these traveling exhibits are available upon request from the center.

  • Great Teachers of Nonviolence: Presents profiles of Mahatma Gandhi; Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.; Alice Paul; Dorothy Day; the Dali Lama; and other nonviolent social activists.
  • In Pursuit of a Global Ethic: Examines the evolution of ethical teaching in the context of modern day human rights.

For more information, contact:

George Wolfe, Outreach Coordinator
Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
Ball State University
310 N. McKinley Ave.
Phone: 765-285-1622