Center for International Development

Afghanistan University Linkages with North American Institutions of Higher Education

Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead

Purpose: This historic international conference will bring together for the first time in one setting higher education leaders in Afghanistan and representatives of Canadian and U.S. universities that have developed linkages with Afghan universities. The purpose of the conference is to share information about university partnerships, to identify lessons learned and to chart a way ahead to make these relationships as rewarding as possible for all parties. A focus will be the Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education’s Strategic Plan and the role that partnerships with North American universities can play in its fulfillment. The past accomplishments and future intentions of the major international donors to the higher education sector in Afghanistan will be highlighted.

Conference Sponsors: 

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

The U.S. Department of State is sponsoring the participation of Afghan government officials and academics.

The International Center of Indianapolis