Center for International Development

Career Center and Journalism Workshop

Ball State University is making history as it hosts participants from four universities in Iraq and two universities in Afghanistan at two workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 13-24. The Ball State workshop organizers currently in Malaysia consist of Marilyn Weaver, Chair Emerita of Journalism, Terry Heifetz, Instructor in Telecommunications, Mollie Fout, former Career Center Director, Garth Eberhart, CID Project Coordinator, and Ken Holland, CID Director. One workshop provides training in how to establish a university Career Center; the other focuses on curriculum revision and teaching method improvement for Schools of Journalism. The venue for the training is the University of Malaya, Malaysia’s oldest and most prestigious institution of higher education. Chancellors and Vice Chancellors from Kandahar University and Shaikh Zayed University in Afghanistan are also present, as well as Dr. Patricia Hansen, Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. embassy in Kabul, to facilitate planning for future U.S. State Department funding for partnerships between Ball State and universities in Afghanistan. These projects are the first time that the U.S. State Department has funded training in Malaysia for faculty and administrators from Iraq and Afghanistan. These workshops also highlight Ball State’s leading position in two projects exceeding $12 million involving U.S. institutions of higher education with partnerships in Iraq and Afghanistan. Representatives of the University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky and Oklahoma State University are also participating in the training in Kuala Lumpur organized by Ball State. 

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