Applied Gerontology Program

Recognized as the “most comprehensive graduate gerontology program in the state” by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, Ball State is one of the few universities offering programs in gerontology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Master of Arts in Applied Gerontology

You will receive a broad-based overview of aging and focused training within applied gerontology. This 36-hour interdisciplinary degree prepares you to work in a variety of settings with aging adults. Seasoned gerontologists from various disciplines teach courses about special issues in aging and serving the older population.

The institute also offers a master's degree in Wellness Management, an innovative program that combines wellness and business.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Gerontology

In cooperation with the Online and Distance Education division, the Fisher Institute offers a graduate certificate program for students interested in learning more about gerontology but not wishing to pursue a master’s degree. Course work can be applied toward a master’s degree if you decide to pursue an advanced degree in the future.

Undergraduate Minor in Applied Gerontology

A minor in applied gerontology is an ideal complement to a wide range of degrees for those interested in working with aging adults.

minor in workplace wellness is also available for those considering careers that promote a vital and productive workforce.

If you are interested in a minor or certificate, consult with the curriculum advisor for your primary degree.

For detailed information about our programs, consult the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

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