Certificate Program in Applied Gerontology

In cooperation with the School of Continuing Education and Public Service, the Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology offers a certificate program in Gerontology. Certificate students are required to take 9 hours of core courses in gerontology and 9 hours of approved electives in related subjects. Please contact the curriculum advisor for more information on the Certificate in Gerontology.

Core Courses (9 Semester Hours)
GERO 535 - Aging in Communities

GERO 605 - Aging Well: A Systems Approach

GERO 630 - Health, Wellness, and Aging

GERO 635 - Aging Well: Adaptations in Later Life

Elective Courses (9 Semester Hours)
EDAC 638 - Program Planning in Community and Adult Education

EDAC 648 - The Community Educator

EDAC 681 - Managing Community Education

GERO 515 - Technology in Aging

GERO 540 - Women and Aging

GERO 610 - Public Policy and Aging

GERO 620 - Guided Life Review

GERO 625 - Changing Health/Wellness Behaviors

HSC 571 - Death and Dying

MGT 500 - Managing Organizational Behavior

MKG 505 - Survey of Marketing

Gerontology certificate program students may wish to review the disclosure information found at http://osfaiweb.iweb.bsu.edu/cert/gerontology (as required by the U.S. DoE). 

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