Internship Responsibilities

The Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology will...

  • orient the student to the purpose of the internship experience as an integral part of the curriculum in wellness management
  • share information regarding potential internship opportunities (internship library)
  • provide guidance in formulating personal objectives for the internship experience
  • discuss the process of final self-evaluation of the internship experience with student
  • communicate with potential cooperating internship sponsors regarding willingness to accept students as interns
  • communicate with potential cooperating internship sponsors about the purpose of the internship experience and whether sponsors are equipped to provide students with the appropriate field experiences
  • work with the internship sponsor in the development of an appropriate internship program for the student which satisfactorily meets the needs of the student, the Fisher Institute, and the internship sponsor

The Internship Site will...

  • accept responsibility for collaboration with the Fisher Institute in the provision of a field experience for a specific student for a specific period of time (internships generally include a consecutive 15-week, 40-hour per week experience for fall/spring semester and a 10-week, 40-hour per week experience for summer semester)
  • provide a Fact Sheet containing such information as the name of the agency and designated wellness professional (contact person) to whom correspondence should be addressed and the Intern will report
  • request, when necessary, additional information from the Fisher Institute to assist in the planning of the field experience for a particular student
  • orient the intern to policies, practices, protocols, etc. of the organization
  • plan for any visits from the Program Director while the student is in the internship, review evaluation reports and, if indicated, clarify any conflicts or problem areas within the internship experience
  • provide a mid-experience evaluation of the student regarding his or her general progress
  • arrange a final conference with the student to discuss the self-evaluation and formulate the final evaluation submitted to the Program Director

The Intern will...

  • accept the internship sponsor's guidance and appraisal of performance
  • share feelings about the experience as it progresses with the internship supervisor
  • participate in internship sponsor's planning for any projected Program Director visit
  • clear preliminary draft of the student internship experience report with the internship supervisor and any other involved professionals before the internship is completed
  • check with the internship supervisor for the accuracy of conclusions and interpretations made in the student internship experience report
  • provide current name, address, and telephone/fax information for the internship site supervisor and for himself/herself during the internship