Internship Goals/Objectives

In broad terms, the goal of the wellness management internship experience is to help you strengthen your professional philosophy and understanding of the management of wellness/health promotion programs and services.

This experience may be accommodated within many areas:

  • corporate settings
  • non-profit agencies
  • government agencies
  • hospitals
  • entrepreneurial settings
  • private vendor operations

Other venues which offer an opportunity to pursue your interest in the delivery and oversight of health and wellness services may also be appropriate.

As an intern, you are not directed to any particular site. Rather, you have the opportunity to focus on a variety of settings and select the internship experience according to your major area of interest. An internship information library file is maintained in the Fisher Institute and contains all previous internship sites, in addition to many other potential sites.

In whatever setting the internship takes place, the internship experience should include:

  • a close working relationship with an experienced professional,
  • an opportunity to increase confidence by experiencing firsthand involvement in planning, implementing, marketing, and evaluating health and wellness services
  • an opportunity to apply personal and professional knowledge and skills
  • an opportunity to receive supervisory midterm and summative evaluations geared toward identifying strong areas of skill and expertise as well as areas to enhance or strengthen

Special Note
It is the responsibility of each student approaching the time for an internship experience to become completely familiar with all of the information included in this manual prior to initial discussions with the Program Director.