Student Internship Experience Report

The Student Internship Experience Report is designed to provide a detailed description and ultimate student evaluation of the internship experience. The report should be well organized, thorough, and clearly written. This is not a routine document.

The focus of the report will be on what occurred, the results of student internship activities (assignments), and what was learned. The report should follow the format as articulated below:

Introduction (1 - 2 paragraphs). This section should prepare the reader for the rest of the report. It should contain the specific purpose and the objective of the report.

Organizational Setting (1 - 2 pages). This section of the report will describe the nature of the organization and its demographic characteristics. Key aspects may include, but are not limited to:

  • the organization's name, address, telephone and fax numbers
  • name and title of the internship supervisor, other program leaders
  • period of time the internship was completed, stipend, etc.
  • the organization's history, its goals, objectives
  • the nature of the culture of the organization and its management style, etc.
  • the nature of the organization's industry, i.e., its market, clientele, niche, etc.
  • size and location(s) of facilities, etc.

Description of Major Internship Assignments (1 - 4 pages). This section will include a thorough and accurate description of major internship responsibilities, including clientele served, program offerings, activity or program evaluations, impact of activities and/or programs, acceptance by clientele served, reaction and response of organizational leaders, plans for the future, etc. In short, this is the critical body of your report.

Discussion (1 - 3 pages). This section of the report affords the opportunity to reflect on all dimensions of the internship experience, to highlight and explain special experiences and insights gained, as well as things unanticipated. The information you provide should allow future potential interns the opportunity to evaluate the appropriateness of the internship site.

Note: In preparing the report, it is expected that the Internship Supervisor will assist the Intern by providing guidelines and relevant information about the organization as well as the projects assigned to the Intern.

Your report is the last impression you will make for many at the Fisher Institute. Give it your all.