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Director: Jackie Grutsch McKinney

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Hull

Associate Director of Online Tutoring: Liz Whiteacre

Assistant Directors: Elmar Hashimov and Kat Greene


Morgan AprillMorgan Aprill is a junior English literature major with minors in Spanish and Professional Writing. She is most familiar with MLA format but also has experience with APA style. She loves helping others organize their ideas and working on research papers.




Kathryn Hampshire is a Literature major with minors in Leadership Studies and Technical Theatre. She enjoys helping writers with brainstorming, research, thesis statements, organization, grammar, quote integration, and MLA citations. She has experience with several different types of essays, including research papers, comparative critiques, intensive/extensive analyses, and annotated bibliographies. She is also involved with the Ball State Daily News as a features reporter.


Rachel Johnson is a senior majoring in English Education with plans to teach 9th and 10th grade English upon graduation. Her writing interests include formal teaching observation reports, literary analyses, and honors papers, working primarily with MLA formatting. She also enjoys talking about ideas and helping to organize and develop them cohesively. Rachel is a proud member of Ball State's Greek life.  



Ramona Simmons is a Criminal Justice major, minoring in Spanish and the Psychology of Human Development. Her strong suits lie in the areas of generating topic ideas, constructing research papers, and writing creatively (especially poetry). She views the sessions as a way to converse with other writers to expand their writing capabilities, as well as encourage new ideas and points of view.

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