Assessment: Grade Center

This Blackboard resource provides both PDF and video tutorials to help you submit grades to the registrar and to utilize the grade center more fully. 


 Submit Grades to the Registrar:


Grade Center Worksheet: Used with all of the following video lessons


Grade Center Scenario 1:  Submitting final grades or deficiencies

  • Grade Center vocabulary
  • Create a grade column
  • Enter grades
  • Mark a column to submit as final grades

Grade Center Scenario 2:  Calculating grades that are based on total points earned
  • Modifying the grade scale
  • Organizing columns

Grade Center Scenario 3:  Setting up with weighted grades
  • Using categories
  • Weighted grades


Open and/or print information in PDF format about the following topics:

Learn more about the grade center by viewing the following video tutorials:
  Customizing grade columns to hide grade center column, access column organization page and show hidden columns.  Hiding columns does not hide grades from students.
Create categories are used to organize grade center data. smart views, calculated grade columns and to generate reports.
Grade assignments question by question allows you grade multiple students by question.
Create a grade rule to help student success by setting performance rules.
Generate a grade center report To show information you have selected for all students or select students in your course.  The report will show details for student, one per page. You can print the report as needed. 
Color coding grades in grade center provides visual indicators to help you interpret information quickly. Colors can be set for items based on the status of the grade or on the score.