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Why Study Native Societies?

These are just a few reasons you should choose the minor in Native American studies:

Indigenous peoples are still here—in the United States and the Midwest. The U.S. Census reports there are 18,600 American Indians living in Indiana. Other sources report even higher numbers. 

Federally recognized tribal governments form a third tier of America’s democratic system. All Americans are responsible for understanding how their governmental system operates and how tribal, state, and federal governments interact. 

Native American studies courses include issues important to the present and the future of our planet—they are for everyone. We study the environment, human rights, regional and national history, heritage preservation, economic development, community enhancement, federal law, differing philosophies and epistemologies, and more. 

Learning about America’s first nations prepares all citizens to live in a complex global society. The more you know, the more you know! 

Cultural diversity is a fact of life. It is not about America’s past—it’s about our future.