Students who do not attend the Open House or are applying for scholarships must submit a digital portfolio.

We recommend that you use the online PowerPoint template to create your PowerPoint presentation. Do NOT submit actual artwork (folders, notebooks or binders), printed photographs, flash drives, or links to personal websites. Documentation of the digital portfolio must include a typed inventory sheet (PDF) that lists the works submitted and corresponds to the order of the PowerPoint. Submit the digital portfolio along with the inventory sheet to

Please consider the following when creating your PowerPoint:

  • Digital images must be formatted as JPEG. Resize the image to 72 DPI, with no more than 1100 pixels on the longest side, and the final file size being no greater than 20 MB.  
  • The PowerPoint slide show should include a title slide labeled with the student name and area of interest, followed by JPEG images of your artwork.
  • Each PowerPoint slide should be labeled with the title of the work (or course prefix and number), medium, size, and date/term.
  • Please refrain from using any sound, music, animations, transitions, word art, or graphics in the PowerPoint.
  • Three-dimensional artwork can be documented from more than one viewpoint to adequately represent the work.
  • Additional viewpoints or details should be included if you feel the work cannot be shown adequately from a single view.
  • Only slide shows in PowerPoint format composed and saved as a single PDF file will be considered.

Application materials will not be returned. The portfolio and scholarship materials submitted becomes a permanent part of the applicant’s art admission file.