About the School of Art Atrium Gallery
The mission of the School of Art Atrium Gallery is the promotion and appreciation of the visual arts for studio artists, educators, and designers. As a part of the School of Art at Ball State, the gallery serves as an important educational tool as it provides opportunities for students, faculty, and the broader arts community to showcase works and view the artwork of others. Educational benefits for the university community are the purpose of all exhibits.

The Atrium Gallery is located on the first floor of the Art and Journalism Building, adjacent from the Ball State Bookstore and near the building's main elevator and staircase.

For more information about exhibitions and reception dates, see the Ball State University calendar.

Normal Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and Saturdays 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Closed Sundays and all Ball State breaks and holidays.

Photography and Video Policy in Atrium Gallery
Visitors are not permitted to photograph artwork or record videos in the Atrium Gallery. 

All of the artworks exhibited in the gallery are either on loan to the gallery, which means the gallery does not have exclusive rights to the artworks, or under current copyright with the living artists.  Photographers and videographers who seek exception to this rule need to contact the Gallery Associate in advance of their visit. 
Student artworks exhibited in the Atrium Gallery may be photographed or otherwise preserved by Ball State University and Ball State University Libraries for historic documentation, educational use, promotional materials, and other purposes.

Ball State University Student Art in the Digital Media Repository
Ball State University Libraries has a digital collection titled Ball State University Student Art compiled and accessible online in the Digital Media Repository. This digital image collection includes a history of artworks created by Ball State University art students in all media types and from many different courses. 

ATTENTION students with artworks exhibited in the Atrium Gallery:
If you would like your artworks to be included in the Univeristy Libraries' digital collection then you must complete and return the Ball State University Libraries' Electronic Publication Rights Statement (PDF) to the Gallery Associate. You will need to complete a statement for each artwork on display.

You may return these statements to any Atrium Gallery assistant on duty in the gallery, to the main art office (AJ 401), or to the current Gallery Supervisor’s office (AJ 423). For more information about this form, please contact Arne Flaten, School of Art Director.

Giving to the Atrium Gallery
Your support is critical to our efforts to attract talented students and enhance the exhibition gallery.

Please consider making a gift to the following Ball State University Foundation account:
Atrium Art Gallery, Art and Journalism Building (Account 723)

Gifts can be made online or by check to the Ball State University Foundation. Please specify the account of your choice. Find out more about Giving to Ball State.

Atrium Gallery Art in Italy

Atrium Gallery Floor Plan 
Atrium Gallery Floor Plan

For more information about the gallery, please contact Arne Flaten, School of Art Director.