Biomechanics Laboratory


EXSC 603 - Exercise Physiology 1  (3 credit hours)

Advanced study of the physiological responses to exercise. Emphasis is on the neuromuscular, metabolic and cardiorespiratory responses.  Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.

EXSC 604 - Essentials of Resistance Training and Conditioning  (3 credit hours)

Designed to give the scientific basis of resistance training and conditioning and the ability to apply that knowledge with specific training techniques.  Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.

BIO 548- Biometry (3 credit hours)

Principles and applications of statistics to biological problems. The use of parametric and nonparametric tests of significance in the analysis of data and the interpretation of experiments.Prerequisite: MATH 108 or equivalent, or permission of the department chairperson.  Not open to students who have credit in BIO 448.


EDPS 642 - Intermediate Statistics  (3 credit hours)

An extension of elementary descriptive and inferential statistics through basic statistical research designs, including analysis of variance and covariance.Prerequisite: EDPS 641 or PSYS 241 or a proficiency test administered within the department.


CS 699 - Reading and Honors  (3 credit hours)

Special advanced work not offered in other courses. Requirements include a final written report and a presentation in the departmental colloquiumseries.  Prerequisite: permission of the department chairperson.  A total of 6 hours of credit may be earned, but no more than 3 in any one semester or term.  A total of 12 hours of combined CS 539, 639, and 699 credit may be earned.


PUME 111 - Applied Statics (3 credit hours)

A study of force systems, resultants and equilibrium, trusses, frames, beams, shear, and moments in beams. Prerequisite: MATH 112; PUME 160.


PUME 213 - Dynamics (2 credit hours)

Applied fundamentals of dynamic forces, including displacement, velocities, accelerations, work energy, power, impulse, momentum, and impact.  Prerequisite: MATH 161; PUME 111.

Biomechanics Laboratory
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