Biomechanics Laboratory

Required Courses

EXSC 611 - Research Methods (Thesis) (3 credit hours)

Focuses on research methods used in physical education, sport, and exercise science. Emphasizes selecting a research topic, writing and presenting a research proposal, and using appropriate statistical methods. Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.


EXSC 634 - Mechanical Analysis of Movement (3 credit hours)

Applications of the principles of mechanics to the analysis of motor skills; study of methods of execution of various athletic and sporting skills.  Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.


EXSC 651 - Laboratory Techniques in Biomechanics  (3 credit hours)

Theoretical and practical applications of data recording methods commonly used in biomechanical analysis.Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.

EDPS 641 - Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research  (3 credit hours)

A basic statistical course for graduate students in education. Problems taken from the fields of education and psychology include the computation, interpretation, and application of such statistical techniques as measures of central tendency, measures of variability, correlation techniques, validity and reliability, standard scoring techniques, probability, tests of significance, chi square, and analysis of variance.


3 to 6 credit hours from: 

EXSC 652 -  Clinical Biomechanics (3 credit hours)

Biomechanical concepts related to disorders of the skeletal system.  Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.


EXSC 655 - Advanced Biomechanics (3 credit hours)

Biomechanical analyses emphasizing research techniques and procedures.  Prerequisite: EXSC 634; permission of the program coordinator.


4 to 6 credit hours from:

EXSC 633 - Seminar in Exercise Science (1-6 credit hours)

In-depth study of a selected physiological parameter in relation to exercise and the environment. Specific topics include respiratory physiology, fluid-electrolyte balance, muscle physiology, environment, and exercise: one topic per semester. Prerequisite: permission of the program coordinator.  A total of 6 hours of credit may be earned.


Biomechanics Laboratory
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