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Student Symposium 2014

Biomechanics graduate student Kayla Kmiecik received the Keys/Litten/Smith Award for her research project entitled Biomechanical Analysis of a Backward Somersault Landing & Drop Landing in Female Gymnasts.


Biomechanics graduate student Emily Johann received the Keys/Litten/Smith award for her research project entitled Influence of Drop Height and Fatigue on Landing Mechanics in Recreationally Active Females.  



ASB Conference 2012
The 36th annual ASB Conference was held in Gainesville, FL from August 15-18, 2012. Drs. Dickin and Wang as well as graduate students Jill Estes and Emily Johann attended. Dr. Dickin made the following poster presentations:

  • Postural Sway Changes in Altered Sensory Environments Following Individualized Whole Body Vibration
    Dickin D, Hubble R, Heath J, Beltran E, Haggerty M
  • The Relationships Between Leg Dominance and Knee Mechanics During the Cutting Maneuver
    Brown S, Dickin C, Wang H
  • The Effects of Whole Body Vibration on the Wingate Test for Anaerobic Power When Applying Individualized Frequencies
    Surowiec R, Wang H, Nagelkirk P, Frame J, Dickin D
  • The Effects of Fatigue on Recovery from a Postural Perturbation
    McClain M, Wang H, Popp J, Dickin DC

Dr. Wang presented on "The effects of load carriage on frontal-plane knee mechanics during walking".

NASPSPA Conference 2012
Dr. Dickin attended the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity conference in Honolulu, HI in June, 2012. There he presented a poster on "Influence of Postural Complexity and Whole Body Vibration on Soleus H-Reflex Activity" Dickin DC, Hubble R, McClain M, Guggenheimer J

2012 Student Symposium Winners
Congratulations to Biomechanics Graduate Students for winning the Keys/Litten/Smith awards for Excellence in Content:
Kaitlyn Weiss, Mason Haggerty, and Jacqueline Heath
Title: The effect of seating surface compliance on trunk motion

And to Eduardo Beltran's Keys/Litten/Smith award for Excellence in Display.
Title: The effect of gait retraining on female high school runner with knee pain

ASB Conference 2011
The annual ASB Conference was held in Long Beach, CA this year and was attended by Dr. Clark Dickin where he presented his poster presentation on "The effects of vibration amplitutde and frequency on postural sway in altered sensory environments". Also, Dr. Henry Wang presented his poster on "The influences of load carriage and fatigue on lower extremity kinetics during walking". Graduate assistants, Eddy Beltran, Scott Brown and Matt McClain were also in attendance.

GSA Conference 2010
Dr. Dickin attended the annaul Gerontological Society of America (GSA) meeting held in New Orleans, LA November 19-23, 2010 where he made his poster presentation on "Meta-Analysis of the effects of exercise and use of Nintendo Wii for reducing depression among older adults".

i-FAB Conference 2010
Dr. Henry Wang and Jeff Frame attended the International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community (i-FAB) Conference in Seattle at the University of Washington September 16-18, 2010 to give a poster presentation entitle "Gait analysis after bilateral ankle replacement - a 12 month follow-up case study".

ASB Conference 2010
The 34th annual meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics was recently held in Providence, RI August 18-21, 2010. Biomechanics faculty, Dr. Henry Wang and three of our graduate students attended. Dr. Wang delivered his poster presentation on "Load Carriage Increases Mechanical Loading Rates During Walking".

ASB Conference attendees
Pictured left to right: Matt McClain, Dr. Henry Wang, Eddy Beltran, Scott Brown

Student Symposium 2010 - Two for Two
For the second year in a row, a Biomechanics Lab Graduate Assistant wins the Keys/Litten/Smith award at the recent March 30 Student Symposium. Congratulations to Scott Dueball for this accomplishment with his entry: The Effect of Height on Musculoskeletal Injury While Performing Drop Landings...more

 Scott Dueball

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