College of Architecture and Planning

Mission, Vision, and Planning

From Strategic Planning to Tactical Implementations

The College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University has articulated a clear line of thought for the translation of our University mission and vision into actual implementations. In that process, the CAP mission and vision has initially inspired a wide variety of statements that have been subsequently filtered through a survey measuring levels of stakeholder endorsement. The resulting document, The CAP Green Paper, is a selection of statements that provides not only higher granularity to our institutional vision but also denotes our college’s proprieties.

In consistency with the college’s mission and vision, the University Strategic Plan provides a compatible matric for institutional achievement. The University Strategic Plan, fully adopted by CAP, meets the  priorities established by the CAP Green Paper. As a result, and at its most succinct level, the college has been able to declared four key drivers under its rubric of “This I Believe” (TIB).

These TIBs provide the general framework for the insertion and connectivity of college and departmental initiatives in the knowledge that such a general framework safeguards their relevance in the context of the CAP Green Paper and the University Strategic Plan,. A good example is provided by the list of CAP Enhancement Initiatives that can be funded by CAP Student Fees.