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Request for Proposals

Joe Bilello has acquired 18 crates of skylight glazing (2 sheets with intervening air space), that contain a total of 89 sheets of glazing. In the interest of recycling the glass and conducting some related research of his own, he is interested in giving the glass away in increments of varying sizes (1 to 15 sheets, up to 3 crates) to CAP faculty and students undertaking research and applied research projects whose projects would benefit.


  1. A brief proposal describing how the glass will be used in your project, by whom, how many students will be involved, and the nature of the research.
  2. Pending receipt, review, and comment of the proposal, upon notification, the glass is free, but must be moved from storage by you.
  3. Following the project, submit a brief report that includes photos of the installation and results of the research that can be included in a larger publication of the collected works of all participants.

If interested, please contact Joe Bilello with questions, a proposal, and pending approval, the glass may be picked up for your project.

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