College of Architecture and Planning

Designing the Future

It has been millennia since humans lived primarily in caves. Most people don’t think much about it from day to day, but we invest most of our lives in spaces, places, and neighborhoods that are intentionally planned, designed, and built. And whether we realize it or not, these structures and landscapes, local communities, and virtual environments influence who we are, what we can become, and how we interact.

Thinking about it that way makes clear the importance of the work being done by Ball State's College of Architecture and Planning and its graduates.

The world needs professional designers and planners who are intelligent, creative, and technically skilled, but also sensitive to the social, financial, political, environmental, international, and historical considerations that shape the future.

Since 1966, our college has built an international reputation for excellence and innovation. It’s work that bursts from textbook pages and classrooms into the real world—design concepts are developed into actual projects in real communities, and creative, ambitious students prepare for exciting careers.

We are devoted to the humane, functional, and aesthetic design of the physical environment, along with top-quality education, research, and public service. Among our primary areas of focus are:

  • professional education for diverse careers
  • innovative and personal instruction
  • studio instruction and creativity
  • collaboration among different disciplines
  • interaction with practicing professionals
  • distinctive balance of art and science
  • sustainable practices and environmental stewardship
  • community design and historic preservation
  • hands-on projects for real clients and communities
  • social and professional responsibility
  • multicultural and international experiences
  • modeling, simulation, and information technology
  • constructive competition and teamwork
College of Architecture and Planning
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