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High School Preparation for STEM and Design Careers

The right mix between science and art is the secret to success in careers in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. A good way to capture the attention of the admissions committee in the College of Architecture and Planning is to complete a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum while in high school. This typically means four years of English, four years of academic math, three years of lab science, two or three years of social sciences, and speech.

And because all three undergraduate disciplines in the college rely on an understanding of the creative process, courses in the visual arts are highly desirable.

As for electives, consider courses in 3D digital modeling art, and graphic skills, and in computers, too. Know that while computer-aided drafting is a great skill to have, it’s not essential, and what the college encourages more strongly is experience in hand drawing and sketching.

Also desirable (though not required) are studies in foreign languages, especially in light of the fact that we have great study-abroad opportunities.

DesignWorks Summer Studio
Consider coming to Ball State while you’re still in high school, for the DesignWorks Summer Studio. It allows qualified high school juniors to explore the professions of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and environmental design in a special two-week summer program at Ball State.

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