• Undergraduate Architecture
  • Undergraduate Environmental Design
  • Undergraduate Landscape Architecture
  • Undergraduate Urban Planning

Why Ball State?

You wouldn’t pick a college without feeling excited about and confident in its academic offerings. But that’s only part of what seals the deal.

Students in the College of Architecture and Planning also come to Ball State to be part of the wealth of student activities and organizations linked to the field of environmental planning and design—not to mention the opportunity to explore the world far from campus through study-abroad programs. 

Students are also drawn by the chance to learn in a real-world environment, through Ball State-style experiential and immersive learning featuring the latest facilities and technology. Some high achievers choose Ball State for the chance to blend their major studies with the extra challenge and stimulation of the Honors College

And some students are impressed by the many awards and achievements collected by our college and its people.

But maybe the ultimate reason our students are here is the chance to make their mark and change the world—through outreach, through the promotion of sustainability, and through the opportunity to build an exciting and challenging career and to design the future.